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DYMA 1.5



It is possible to realize the production of grooves on the soles (in leather and synthetic material) in order to prepare the non-slip injected or applied, decorations, grooves several depth, grooves “3D” on microporous. The main difference between the machine mod Dyma 1.5 and the other models on the market are first the possibility to work “in tandem”, that is nr. two soles same size and model simoultaneously and second is to ha always to disposal the solesworking area and templates cutting zone mm 1000 x 1000.


Universal Working Bench with working area mm 1000×1500.

Model Dyma 1.5 can be equipped with the following extra devices, on request:

  1. _ C:(for machine mod. Dyma 1.5), with extra device “C axis” able to realize grooves, channels for stitching, decorations, tissue paper cutting for soles with two colors, and so on. The kit is equipped with adjustable heating system, in order to obtain a certain result on leather and synthetic soles.
  2. _ C4: (Dyma 1.5) with extra device “C 4 axis” able to realize nr. 4 different workings on the same sole and to have always at disposal for example nr. 2 grooves different sizes.