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Available in three models:

  1. Speeder: standard model equipped with two spindles.
  2. Speeder_C: as mod. Speeder with extra device “C AXIS”, that enable to realize channels and stitching grooves, decorations, tissue paper cutting for soles with two colors, and so on. The kit is equipped with adjustable heating system, in order to obtain a certain result on leather and synthetic soles.
  3. Speeder_C4: as mod. Speeder with extra device “C 4 axis” enable to realize nr. 4  different workings on the same sole and to have always at disposal for example nr. 2 wheels and nr. 2 grooves different sizes.


Pantograph double station,  automatic loading. Equipped with nr. two vertical loaders integrated in its structure, from which the sole is taken by suction cups and placed on the plane. The sole is centered by two  centers. After the centering, the sole is blocked by a high power vacuum pump, and if necessary, the centers get outside the plane to facilitate the milling process (like Jourdan).

At the end of the processing,  a proper device places the worked soles in a collector.
If it is necessary the automatic loading /collector system can be disabled by a switch, and the  operator can load the soles manually one at a time.
Equipped with nr. two spindles high power that enable to work with cutters large diameter, and with automatic tool zero setting length.
The great advantage of this model is to have high production because the working head is always engaged in the processing step, while an asynchronous loading  and unloading system takes care of keeping the working areas always ready for the cycle.

DIMENSION 2200x2100x2000 mm
WEIGHT 2200 Kg

The illustrations are demostrative and may change depending on the manufacturer’s requirements.