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At the end of processing a special system deposits the soles processed in a binder. Machine equipped with two high-power spindles If necessary, the automatic loader / collector system can be deactivated by operating a simple switch and the operator can manually load the soles.


Automatic loading pantograph with V centering devices. Automatic loading of nr. 2 soles at the same time, possibility of working with the two spindles at the same time two soles Equipped with a vertical loader integrated in its structure from which the sole is picked up by suction cups and positioned on the work surface. The sole is automatically centered by two V-shaped centering devices. After centering the sole is blocked by a 2.25 KW vacuum pump, and if necessary the centering devices disappear to facilitate the jourdan-type milling operations.

  1. Axis C 1 “which allows the following operations to be carried out (replacing the tools): groove, groove plus finishing (decoration) at the same time, finishing (decoration) following a path programmed on the CAD station.
  2. “C4 Axis” device that allows you to always have 4 accessories ready for use between channels and wheels.

The illustrations are demostrative and may change depending on the manufacturer’s requirements.